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General Information

Apply for a medical certificate


You will require a medical examination by a doctor specializing in aviation medicine. If you are aware of any personal or family medical history, it would be prudent to mention this at the time of booking your appointment. You will be informed on whether you will need to bring along additional information/reports for your examination.

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What to take with you to your appointment:

  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses you must bring your most recent optician’s report along to the examination.

  • If you have visited a medical practitioner since your last aeromedical examination, you should bring their examination report/results. Your AeMC will be able to help you with any additional individual preparations you need to make before your appointment.

What to expect at your examination:

You will need to complete the medical certificate application form. This is a signed declaration containing the following:

  • Facts about your medical history

  • Whether you have had a medical examination before, by whom and the result

  • Whether you have ever been assessed as unfit or had a medical certificate suspended or revoked

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