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Crowd with Masks

COVID-19 Guidance

Since the beginning of the pandemic numerous aircrew members and ATCOS have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus, which led for many of them to the development of COVID-19 symptoms of various severity levels. Furthermore, some of the symptomatic COVID-19 patients reported medium- and long-term sequelae which, in case of aeronautical personnel, may interfere with the safe performance of their tasks.

Part-MED requires certain medical examinations such as pulmonary functional tests, which may pose additional risk for the applicant and for the medical practitioner performing it in the context of the pandemic. 

This has been considered as a risk of transmission for other applicants and for the medical staff performing the examinations and such examinations have been either stopped or performed only for exceptional situations. Thus, applicants for medical certificates are to present a Rapid Antigen test performed withing 24 hours prior to the relevant aero-medical examination to reduce the risk of contamination for other users and for the medical professionals performing the test. Furthermore, symptomatic applicants should not seek an immediate examination until COVID-19 recovery.

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